Amalfi Coast Excursion

An Amalfi Coast excursion is a great way to spend a day, weekend, or even a week in the Southern part of Italy.

Located just south of Naples but north of Sicily, the Amalfi Coast is a 25-mile stretch of land on the Sorrentine Peninsula that boasts a wide variety of things to do and see.

Hiring an Amalfi Coast chauffeur is the best way to experience the Amalfi shore, since this will take some of the anxiety and planning out of the equation.

Amalfi Coast view

Famous Food

An Amalfi Coast excursion should definitely involve a sampling of the foods for which the area is famous.

For instance, the coast has been renowned for its limoncello liqueur, made from fresh lemons grown on the peninsula. There are also many farmers in the hills who make and sell their own fresh mozzarella, which is nothing like what you would find in the grocery store.

private Amalfi Coast chauffeur should be able to drive you to the local establishments that will offer the best samples of these delicacies.

Shopping and Music

There are a number of small coastal towns worth visiting on your Amalfi Coast excursion as well, each with its own unique local restaurants and boutiques.

The coast is known for its handcrafted ceramics, so shopping around in any of the small cities on the coast may provide you with some excellent souvenirs.

Positano is the most centrally located town and has much to do, but Ravello is also worth a visit — particularly in the summer, when it hosts its months-long classical music festival.


A private Amalfi Coast chauffeur will also take you to the most stunning locations around the coast, so you can be sure to take in a number of breathtaking views.

For instance, an Amalfi Coast excursion might involve a trip to the Villa Cimbrone Gardens in Ravello, or a hike along the Footpath of the Gods in Positano.

The churches and cathedrals along the coast are also fascinating historical landmarks, from the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Amalfi to Duomo di Salerno in (of course) Salerno.

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