in Amalfi Coast

27th June 

The Festival of St. Andrea Apostle

This is one of the most important religious events for the local people and they praise their Patron Saint’s miracle with great celebrations.

The procession takes the statue of the Saint through the streets of the historical area, climbing 62 steps to bring it back to the Cathedral!

The celebrations will go on all night long with concerts in Piazza Duomo and an unforgettable display of fireworks will close the Festival.

Cathedral of Sant'Andrea, Amalfi

1st – 2nd July

The feast in honor of the Madonna Santa Maria delle Grazie

The Legend of  Montepertuso

In the little village of Montepertuso who is located 400 meters up on the hill of Positano, few people lived there in the caves of the mountains that surrounded the  village, they ate  the food that they hunted in the nearby forests and wore their skins. One night they were awakened by very close, long and loud thunder. Having come out from their caves, they remained speechless.

A bright light with a central image appeared on the 3rd mountain radiating warmth and peace to all human beings. A young girls was the first to be wrapped in this supernatural light a maternal voice, coming from the light, said: “Don’t be afraid. The devil has been defeated and his efforts against this mountain are over because I have destroyed the evil spirit. Remnants of his snake-shaped body are visible on the other side of the mountain, etched in the rock. Come, then, with me and accompany me to the mountain, where we will stay forever”.

So, coming down from the mountain, everyone was  illuminated by the true light in the spirit, they gathered  to the new divine sign and stayed until its dwelling. Even nowadays, the outline of the cursed snake still exists in the sunken rock, so perfect that it is impossible to imitate. The mountain was ‘holed’ by the index finger of the Madonna, still visible and intact today, and from here derives the name of the village Montepertuso.

Now every years on the 01st & 02nd July the community celebrate the Feast  in honor of the Madonna Santa Maria dell Grazie , all the population is involved in this special event where the procession with suggestive holy mass first and classical Music show after will entertain for two days the village , while the fireworks  show at midnight on 02nd July will be the end of this fantastic feast.

16th July 

The Feast in honor of the Madonna del Carmelo in Nocelle

In this little village up on the hill of Positano 500 meters above sea level and where the population is not more that around 150 people every years the 16th of July is celebrating the “SOLEMNITY OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARIA, QUEEN AND GLORY OF MOUNT CARMELO”.

The musical band will perform along the roads in Positano, then reaching the small village of Nocelle , where the  holy mass is celebrated on the church yard from the local priest, after the mass the suggestive procession with the worshipped Statue of

the Madonna which is carried from the young people of Nocelle  along the streets.

An entertainment show which is always different from the previous years and that  it’ll performed in the suggestive panoramic square  with the background of Positano by night.

A fireworks show organized by Comitato Festa at 23:30p.m will end this magical feast of this little village.

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