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The free Casola Factory Ceramic Tour

The Ceramic tour is offered from the famous family Casola , which is involved now from many generation in this art pottery business, the duration of this tour is more or less of around 45 minutes.

All of this "to make the houses in Italy and all over the word more beautiful and to be the exporter of a piece of the beauty of Positano and the Amalfi Coast".

We reach our goals by taking in consideration clients ideas and using many years experience in the same activity. Our sales expert will take care of you through the journey and to discover the ancient art of making pottery and lava stone tables, showing you the variety of our precious collections both classic and modern.

All our work is handcrafted by skilled and experienced artists, therefore it is unique and inimitable. We aim only at customer satisfaction, so we assist in every step of the sale, guaranteeing products of the highest standard and technical skills. We follow our creations when they  leave our Factory through a network of professional and reliable partners well established in Italy and through the world . 

Worldwide shipping .

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